The Tank Man’s Son: A Memoir

24345781SYNOPSIS: In the tradition of “The Glass Castle” and “Angela’s Ashes” comes the most unforgettable memoir you’ll read this year!””What did it mean to be the Tank Man’s son? To grow up overwhelmed by my father’s presence and personality? It was as if I didn’t exist, as if I was just something else for my father to crush.””So begins the haunting memoir of Mark Bouman as he recounts the events of his childhood at the hands of his larger-than-life, Neo-Nazi father in brilliant, startling detail. From adventure-filled days complete with real-life war games, artillery fire, and tank races to terror-filled nights marked by vicious tirades, brutal beatings, and psychological torture, Mark paints a chilling portrait of family life that is at once whimsical and horrific–all building to a shocking climax that challenges even the broadest boundaries of love and forgiveness.An epic tale of redemption and reconciliation, “The Tank Man’s Son” is a literary tour de force that is sure to become an instant classic.

Excellent book! I was gifted with a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. And, honestly, it was a fantastic book! The author, Mark Bouman, and his older brother, Jerry, his younger sister, Sheri, along with their mother, were subjected to daily insults and beatings – verbal and physical abuse – by their father/husband. He had an eccentric personality – he owned a tank! – but it was also very volatile. This book is about life growing up – without friends and no real comfort at home. It all ends good and I definitely recommend it.

As I was reading this book, it struck me how good of a home life I had growing up. I lived a sheltered life – and I knew it. I never knew how horrfic some kids had it – until I read this book.

This book was easy to read and had some humorous tales in it.

I give it 5 stars.